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Martyn’s Law (also known as ‘Protect Duty’) could forever change the landscape of event security if changes to legislation are passed. Some would argue it already has.

In 2017, just as concertgoers were leaving the Manchester Arena, a terrorist detonated an improvised explosive device in a suicide attack killing 22 and injuring more than 250. The mother of one of the victims, Martyn Hett, has tirelessly campaigned for tighter security and a duty of care to be placed upon venues to protect their patrons. As a result, Martyn’s Law (‘Protect Duty’) has been proposed in UK legislation to protect the…

Robert de Temple recently joined us as our new principal director for perception software & deep learning. Before joining the team, Robert was the primary technical advisor for AI and computer vision technologies at Jaguar Land Rover and ASTech — a software development house within the Audi/Volkswagen group.

Robert brings to the team a wealth of experience in the fields of AI, algorithms, deep learning and self-supervised learning, having built deep learning perception stacks on multiple sensor modalities at Jaguar Land Rover and Astech. …

It’s been a very exciting start to the year for Cron AI as we welcomed several talented artificial intelligence and perception professionals to the team. Simon Tilbury has joined as our principal director, embedded systems & acceleration. Before joining us, Simon was the chief operating officer at Bones AI.

As an industry heavyweight in embedded systems, acceleration and productisation, Simon perfectly plugs the gap between our perception software deep learning and embedded hardware teams to help deliver a product to our end customers. …

Neil Huntingdon, CSO at CronAI explains why it’s time to rethink perception strategies to meet the real world needs of machines.

To create safe and accurate systems that are truly autonomous and connect seamlessly with the world around us, we need to design machines and processes that can perceive the environment as we do.

Read the full article at Electronics Magazine here.

Like most industries, the fields of security, access and safety have been transformed by technology, with AI-driven automation presenting a clear opportunity for players seeking growth and leadership when it comes to innovation.

Read the full article at

Deep tech 3D perception platform start-up CronAI has partnered with Ouster, the leading supplier of digital lidar technology, to support Ouster’s current spinning lidar sensors and next-generation solid-state lidar. CronAI’s senseEDGE™ platform — a self-optimising, 3D data, deep learning edge inference perception processing platform — enables innovators to develop intelligent solutions using 3D sensors to accurately perceive the real world.

The partnership provides Ouster’s partner and customer communities with early access to CronAI’s perception platform, thereby enabling their teams to bridge the gap between complex 3D sensor data perception algorithms and real world applications on the product edge.

“This partnership…

The developer of an artificially evolving 3D sensor data processing platform confirms hire of Neil Huntingdon as Group Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director to fuel global expansion, starting in Europe.

Neil Huntingdon joins Cron AI as the Group CSO & MD.

Deep tech start-up, CronAI, is poised for global expansion and the delivery of its ground-breaking 3D sensor data processing platform after bringing sensor technology expert, Neil Huntingdon, on board as the Group Chief Strategy Officer.

Founded by Tushar Chhabra and Saurav Agarwala in 2015, CronAI aims to accelerate 3D sensing perception processing at the edge and accelerate automation across the next generation of mobility, transport infrastructure, smart spaces and…

“Leonardo da Vinci” in 1503, at Florence, with his archetypal masterpiece, MONA LISA, representative of all sung and un-sung glories the world has witnessed since. Here, parodied as protection against the Noble CORONA virus, she appears yet again, representing the need of the hour.

The print and electronic media is abuzz with causative, curative and the apocalypse like doom to follow that would provide redemption to the world, on how the virus has pressed the reset button on humanity, on how the re-balance between humans and nature is being recast; the slump in the Sensex and the Italian Lockdown, the type not witnessed since the Word Wars.

This article is far from the thus far stated pros and cons spun by the virus and in fact flags the feverish, yet baby steps taken by a fledgling ‘start up’ at fulfilling it onerous commitment towards…

Cron AI

Taking #perception to #singularity: building an artificially evolving, intelligent edge platform to accelerate 3D sensor data perception processing.

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