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4 min readJan 2, 2024


A Visionary Leader in Sales Joins Cron AI

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Cron AI family, Barış Saraç, who brings a wealth of experience and a visionary mindset to the team. Baris has spent almost two decades at Siemens, playing a pivotal role in shaping mobility projects, and more recently, he led business development and opportunity generation for Aeye’s LiDAR solutions. Now, as the Vice President of Sales at Cron AI, he shares his insights on the industry, the potential of LiDAR, and his philosophy that guides business logic.

Q: Let’s talk about the potential of Lidars & 3D Perception

Baris: With the evolution of detection technologies, the landscape is changing not only in methodology but also in philosophy. Cameras and radar are proven technologies, but the maturity of LiDAR has brought about significant advancements in the quality of detection and data. Importantly, LiDAR achieves this without capturing personally identifiable information and is inherently GDPR compliant. We are witnessing the beautiful convergence of LiDAR and perception, creating a synergy where one complements the other.

A LiDAR without perception is like a relic in a technology museum; the true value lies in integrating the two to provide unparalleled benefits to customers.

Over my last few years of experience, I have come to realise the importance of reliability. Richness of data from perception will be the tipping point in scalability of lidar applications.

Q: With decades of experience working with ITS, what do you have to say about the future of it?

Baris: I firmly believe that solving infrastructure problems doesn’t always require new infrastructure. The key lies in making existing infrastructure more efficient. Incorporating autonomy into the current infrastructure is a cost-effective solution compared to building entirely new structures. By infusing artificial intelligence and advanced 3D intelligence capabilities into the existing framework, companies can enhance traffic flow and efficiency across various sectors, such as industrial, rail, and security. Communication is also pivotal — smart vehicles are crucial, but their potential is maximised when there is seamless communication between infrastructure and vehicles. Especially when it comes to micro mobility, such as e-scooters, Lidars are perhaps the only sensors that can be used. I view technology as a value-added pyramid with Lidars and Perception being the foundation and everything on top of those ‘supply of information’, good data is paramount for success of any application. Lidar perception will be the backbone of future infrastructure.

Value-added pyramid with Perception & LiDAR as foundations

Q: Can you envision LiDAR’s utility extending beyond Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)?

Baris: Certainly, I believe that LiDAR technology has evolved significantly. When integrated with perception software, its utility becomes indispensable in various sectors, including airports, railways, and ports. These environments greatly benefit from enhanced people management and analytics. The significance extends beyond just improving customer experience; it plays a crucial role in optimising operations. Efficient functioning is essential, as prolonged stays in places like airports and railway stations lead to increased utility usage and subsequent costs. Therefore, the seamless operation of these systems is advantageous to all stakeholders.

In particular, security emerges as a noteworthy application, especially in current times where the emphasis on security measures is paramount.

Q: What’s the philosophy that guides your business logic?

Baris: My business philosophy is shaped by the blend of the German emphasis on perfectionism and the American style of not being afraid to take risks. I am right in the middle, I believe in taking calculated risks and being prepared with mitigation plans, prioritising maturity. Structured, planned, and aware teams are essential when taking risks to achieve success.

Q: Next Steps with Cron

Baris: Cron AI has developed a product that aligns perfectly with the current industry needs. My focus is on building reliable industry partnerships. Coding and software, to me, is a combination of art and science, and the goal is to create art that is not merely appealing but also adds value, transparency, and awareness to the market. For me everything we do needs to resonate with our customers and add value to the end solutions. With the exceptional product we have, I am confident that Cron AI will become the first choice for perception solutions in the market.

As we welcome Baris Sarac to Cron AI, we look forward to the innovative insights and strategic vision he brings to the team, propelling us further into a future where technology and perception seamlessly converge to redefine industries.



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