Revolutionizing Intelligent Transport Systems with Lidar: Unveiling the Power of Cron AI’s senseEDGE

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3 min readApr 12, 2023

Discover the transformative impact of lidar technology and Cron AI’s senseEDGE platform in the world of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

senseEDGE detecting, tracking at Derby Stadium, United Kingdom

The future of transportation is evolving rapidly, and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are at the forefront of this transformation. As key players race to integrate cutting-edge technologies like Lidar into their systems, Cron AI emerges as a champion of this underdog sensor, bridging the gap between radars and cameras. With ITS Awareness Month upon us, it’s time to explore the potential of this lesser-known technology and how Cron AI’s senseEDGE pipeline is poised to revolutionize the ITS landscape.

Why Lidar Matters in ITS

Lidar, or Light Detection and Ranging, is an advanced remote sensing technology that uses lasers to measure distances and create detailed 3D maps of the environment. It has long been recognized for its applications in autonomous vehicles, but the potential of Lidar in ITS projects is just beginning to be realized. Lidar-based perception systems like Cron AI’s senseEDGE can make a massive difference in use cases such as:

Stop vehicle detection

Wrong way detection

Lane change detection

Rockfall detection

Traffic Cross Junction Management — Phasing of Lights

Traffic Congestion Prediction

Roadside Worker Safety

Cron AI’s senseEDGE: A Game-Changer in Lidar Perception

Cron AI’s senseEDGE platform brings unparalleled robustness and consistency to Lidar-based perception, making it the go-to solution for ITS applications. From tracking people walking closely together in crowded environments like Derby Stadium, to ensuring the safety of roadside workers, senseEDGE delivers remarkable performance even with sparse Lidar points.

Derby Stadium, for instance, showcases senseEDGE’s ability to detect and track individuals accurately, even when occluded by passing vehicles. The platform’s performance in such challenging environments is vital for autonomous vehicles, ITS, security, and surveillance systems.

How senseEDGE is Reshaping ITS

By combining Lidar technology with advanced algorithms and data processing techniques, Cron AI’s senseEDGE is transforming how ITS projects are approached:

  1. Enhanced Safety: senseEDGE’s accurate detection and tracking capabilities enable the prevention of accidents and the protection of roadside workers.
  2. Improved Traffic Management: The platform’s data analysis allows for better traffic congestion prediction and cross-junction management, resulting in smoother traffic flow and reduced travel times.
  3. Real-Time Adaptability: With its ability to work effectively with sparse Lidar points, senseEDGE can adapt to rapidly changing conditions, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.

As the conversation around Lidar technology and its applications in Intelligent Transport Systems grows, Cron AI stands at the forefront of this movement, championing the cause of this powerful, yet misunderstood sensor. With the innovative senseEDGE platform, Cron AI is breaking new ground in the world of ITS, paving the way for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future of transportation.

Join us in celebrating ITS Awareness Month by exploring how Lidar and Cron AI’s senseEDGE can revolutionize the ITS landscape.

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Let’s embrace this game-changing technology and unlock its full potential for a better tomorrow.

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